I had a significant injury to my neck several years ago, while I was in college. I initially had physical therapy after the accident to treat the injury. Yet, over the years my neck still caused me a great deal of discomfort. I was looking for relief and Dr. Kline has definitely been able to provide that through treatment. I would recommend Dr. Kline to anyone in need of relief from chronic pain. He is extremely dedicated. He focuses on the issues that concern you and works with you to devise an appropriate treatment plan. He is a compassionate and caring individual and has always been available for me whenever I needed him.

Chiropractic care has significantly reduced the amount of pain I used to have in my neck and allowed me to have greater range of motion. I can speak from personal experience, having everyday pain in your neck prohibits you from enjoying all the normal activities of life; with chiropractic care those activities are all possible now. However, I wish that Dr. Kline could also improve my golf game! =-)

Jim Koessel

In more ways than you can ever imagine Chiropractic care has helped myself and my family. Dr. Kline has kept me pain free and when caring for two small children that is a miracle! After a bad fall, I called Dr. Kline’s office and he saw me immediately. Seeing Dr. Kline prevented me from having to take narcotics for pain and I truly believe my rapid recovery was due to his care. Keeping the spine in alignment is critical to a high quality of life no matter what your age. Children are always taking spills and placing enormous amounts of stress on their growing bodies. Both my children have benefited greatly from their care from Dr. Kline.

He always has such a big smile on his face when we walk in that even the worst of days gets better!

Lisa L. Pietenpol

Dr. Kline has helped our family to recover from various health issues. I couldn’t turn my head right or left as a result of bone spurs in my neck. He has enabled my daughter to avoid back surgery and relieved her headaches. And now my grandchildren enjoy coming to him!

It always amazes me how much he knows from assessing my pain level, stress, muscle testing and checking the alignment of my spine! He always finds the problem. Yeah!

Jan Francisco

My reluctance towards going to a chiropractor was due to my experiences with them in the past. I never felt like my problems were addressed. Sometimes, I would even leave the office in more pain. This is not what happens when I visit Dr. Kline. My first visit, I was blown away by Dr. Kline’s bedside manner. He automatically made me feel comfortable and truly listened to my problems. Something I was really impressed with was his professionalism. He was thorough and took x-rays to have as much information about my problem before he would even adjust me.

Since I started seeing Dr. Kline, I have become a Chiropractic believer! Not only have I experienced changes in my everyday back pain, but I no longer have IBS and my arm and fingers do not fall asleep like they would two to three times every night. Dr. Kline helped me realize that I didn’t need to be living the way I was. He has truly changed my quality of life! His staff are also very professional, I was shocked on my second appointment when they knew me by name! I’m a believer in Dr. Kline’s practice!

Molly MacDonald

I was in a major roll–over accident and needed to find out what spinal alignment issues resulted from it. Dr. Kline was able to find the issues with my spine that were not obvious without his expertise. He was able to assist me with in-office treatments as well as instruct me in what to do out-of-office to maintain my recovery and health long term.

Dr. Kline has been excellent to work with. He is able to assess my health concerns and explain to me in a simple manner, and east to understand manner. The combination of in-office treatment and his recommendations make such a huge difference. His mannerisms and the people he has working for him, make it a joy to come to his office. I was never sure about Chiropractic care in the past, but he has changed my mind completely.

Todd Francisco

I was having migraines 4-5 times a week. When I was pregnant there was no medications available so I decided to try a new approach. Now that I have had my baby, I continue to come to maintain my neck/back health. It’s nice to work with the cause rather than taking medication to cover up the pain. Dr. Kline and his staff are the nicest, most genuine people you will ever want to meet! They take the time to get to know you personally and meet your individual needs.
Leah Lucas